Benefits of Wrapping Your Car

 Save Money

One of the main benefits of wrapping a car is that you can save a ton of money compared to what you'd spend getting one painted. 

When it comes to painting a car, you typically need to apply several coats of paint before the color looks right. All of this paint will cost you a lot of money, especially if you're painting over a darker color. 

When you wrap a car, all you're doing is applying a wrap over the vehicle instead of painting it. Think of auto wrapping like wrapping a gift. You cover the gift in a decorative paper that makes it look pretty. This is exactly what you do with a vehicle, except there are two ways to go about it.

Auto wrapping is done by applying vinyl decals via spray or physical sheets. When spraying the decal, you'll usually pay less for the wrap because it doesn't require as much work.

Similar to painting a vehicle, you'll need to apply several coats of the wrap if you're spraying it. However, using wrap sheets will only require one layer, but they need to be applied carefully.

 Change the Color Often

Another benefit of wrapping a car instead of painting is being able to change the color as often as you'd like. Fortunately, car wrap doesn't require you to stack layers upon layers.

Whenever you change the color of a wrapped vehicle, all you need to do is remove the wrap and apply a new one. This prevents you from adding too many layers of paint that will end up breaking apart over time. 

Painting a vehicle is also difficult if it's dark because you'll need to use several coats to make it lighter. Doing this alone can cause the paint to start chipping.

If you're using vinyl decal sheets to wrap the vehicle, you won't need to apply any sort of substance to the surface. Even if you're using a spray wrapped, all of the coats will peel off together.

 Easy Maintenance

Unlike a painted vehicle, a wrapped one is much easier to maintain because you can apply the wrap wherever it's needed it any time. For example, if your car gets a scratch, you can quickly spray over the area that was scratched.

When it comes to getting a scratch on a painted vehicle, you can do the same thing. However, you'll have to spend more money on a gallon of paint that you won't need. It'll also be hard for you to gauge how many coats you should use to blend the paint in.

Another thing that people don't think about is the deepness of the scratch. You can easily fill in scratched car wrap, but filling in a scratch with paint can result in chipped paint.

If the scratch is too deep, it will be harder for the paint to stick properly. When driving on bumpy roads or getting the vehicle wet, the paint will be likely to fall out. However, car wrap will stick like glue and prevent the scratch from getting worse.

 Paint Protection

Car wrapping is often done by owners that are looking to protect their original paint from getting negatively affected. Although car wrap can be used for cosmetic purposes, it can act as a shield from things like debris, scratches, and more.

While car wrap won't protect your vehicle from major dents, it can prevent minor dings from things like pebbles that would otherwise damage your paint. The best part about car wrapping is that when you peel it off, your paint won't be affected in any way.

 After covering the entire vehicle, you can ensure that your paint will be protected while you're waiting to sell the vehicle or do whatever you'd like with it.