Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Branding Tips

1. DON’T overload your vehicle with graphics or information. DO keep it simple

Think of what your most important information is. This should be your contact information, your business name and the basics of what you do. This doesn’t mean listing every single service you offer all over your vehicle, with clipart as examples.

Remember that you’re branding your vehicle, not a stationary object. Your audience has just a few seconds to digest the information. Be clear and concise. Also make sure to create a wrap that’s consistent with your branding design (i.e. use the same logos, colors, fonts, etc.) This will help viewers recognize your brand and company.

2. DON’T use overly flowery font. DO use a font that can be read from a distance.

When collaborating with your marketing company or with your sign/print company, make sure to select a font that’s easy to read from a far. While your first inclination may be to the select the unique Lobster font, your potential customers are going to have a much easier time reading a more traditional font, say Calibri.

3. DON’T just use branding on the vehicles sides. DO remember your vehicle is a three dimensional object.

Your vehicle can viewed from in front, the sides and the back. Make sure critical information, like your phone number and website, can easily be read from the sides and back of your vehicle.

On the other hand, do be aware that not all vehicles are created equal. When designing your wrap or smaller graphics, be sure to design for the vehicle you plan on advertising on. Certain aspects of vehicles, say bumpers, certain windows or rails, may not be able to be covered or in some states, it may even be illegal. Be sure to discuss what is possible too with your wrap installer.

4. DON’T use poor quality photos on your vehicle. DO use professional photography.

 Even if your company vehicle is a little smart car, any images used to brand that vehicle will need to be enlarged significantly in order to be easily seen. A fuzzy or grainy image on a company vehicle, frankly, looks unprofessional. You want your vehicle's branding to reflect the high-quality work you do.

5. DO send the right message. DON’T confuse your customers.

 When it comes to branding your vehicle, whether with a full wrap or a simple vinyl sticker, you need to create a design that is appropriate for your business.