Colour Change Wrap

A colour change vinyl wrap is made from highly durable vinyl film materials and is designed to allow you to change the colour of your vehicle. Whether you are wanting your car film to be a single solid colour or a car film that changes colours when looked at from different angles, we can help. Wrap colours can be designed to fit any type of car and can be customized to fit your unique personality.

Why Choose a Car Colour Change Wrap?

Car colour change graphics provide the ideal solution for anyone who wants to change the exterior look of their car. Unlike painting your car, car films allows you to choose any colour you want and it can be removed at any given time without damaging the underlying paint of the vehicle. Custom graphics are also constructed from high-quality 3M and Avery cast vinyl materials and are coated in a special UV protection layer to help protect the vehicle from sun exposure, as well as dings and scratches.

Colour Change Vinyl from Wrap Guys

If you are looking to change the colour of your car, we can help. With a wide range of different colours, the ability to remove the wrap from the car in the future, and added protection, custom wrapping cars may be the best option for you. Get in touch with the colour changing wrap experts from Wrap Guys today to get started on updating the appearance of your personal car or company cars.

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