Nano Grey Wraps

We are pleased to present to you this incredible nano grey wrap

Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film is made up of large sheets of clear urethane film. It can be applied as a full or partial wrap to high traffic areas such as bumpers, quarter panels, wheel arches, door edges, hood and more of your vehicle. Paint Protection Films provide excellent clarity and resistance to yellowing, staining or blistering when applied by a certified clear fastener installer.
Enhance the appearance of your car, truck or SUV while helping to maintain resale value while protecting your vehicle from stone chips, insect spray, environmental pollutants and weather-related elements.

Nano Fusion Paint Protection Film keeps your vehicle's paintwork looking great. The invisible film acts as a barrier against rocks, insects, dirt, bird droppings and debris, keeping the original paint finish bright and attractive for years. For owners of exotic or luxury cars, the paint protection film is worth its price. You invest a lot of time and money in your vehicle and the Nano Fusion paint protection film will help maintain your car's exterior and make it look gorgeous for a car show, street race or driving the
around town.


Nano-Fusion paint protection film has a unique self-healing feature that actually heals itself if scratched. It also has an anti-graffiti property. The Sharpie permanent marker easily wipes off the Nano-Fusion surface.

Wash your vehicle regularly to keep the film as fresh as possible. Using an automatic car wash is acceptable, but a professional bucket wash is highly recommended. It is also recommended to wax the film with a clear or white liquid wax. Do not use colored wax, abrasive paste, or dual-action polish on foil. Waxing and cleaning by hand only.

Nano Fusion eliminates the need for rigid surfaces, allowing installers to easily position them along vehicle contours. The adhesive used with the Nano Fusion Paint Protection Film is formulated to grip and hold with a 60% water, 40% 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. Using a soapy solution of three drops of baby shampoo to a gallon of water, professional installers can slide the film into place and position it multiple times to find the best fit.